Every Fall, Alan and Ian travel to Antwerp, Belgium to work exclusively with the world’s greatest diamond cutters. They will spend a week looking at thousands of diamonds, hand selecting those that meet the strict standards of Rodriguez’s House of Stones. Both Alan and Ian are GIA certified as experts in grading diamonds. Contact us for pre-trip special pricing on diamonds of every size. We also have several Antwerp diamond jewelry specials for when we come back to Ohio for you to own. Check  frequently on our Facebook page for updates on our Antwerp trip!

Antwerp Diamonds

Ian and Alan in Antwerp

Exclusive House of Stones Diamonds

We travel to Antwerp, Belgium where over 80% of the world’s diamonds are cut, polished and sold. Less than 1% of the jewelers in America have access to the world-famous Antwerp Diamond Center. We deal directly with our diamond cutters with no middle men or brokers involved, offering you incredible value from extremely impressive diamonds.

Diamond Pendant Necklace

A beautiful diamond bezel set in a boutique style Italian 14k two tone setting. Antwerp Pricing 2/3 carat $2985, half carat at $1985 or quarter carat at $985. Other diamond sizes and jewelry styles available. We are the only jewelry store in our area to hand select diamonds in Antwerp!


Rough Diamonds in Antwerp before Cutting

Platinum Diamond Solitaire Earrings

Everyone dreams of wearing diamond solitaire earrings as they are a classic go-with-everything style. Ours are set in platinum and specially priced at 1ct total weight $2985, 2/3ct total weight $1985 and 1/2ct total weight $985. These diamonds are engagement ring quality and are part of our famous diamond upgrade program. Other sizes available.

Halo Diamond Ring

Hand selected in Antwerp, Belgium this center diamond, priced at 1/4 carat $985, 1/2 carat $1985 or 2/3 carat $2985. It is set in a halo diamond setting. Other diamond sizes and settings are available and are uniquely designed by our staff at Rodriguez’s House of Stones.