We’re all about bridal jewelry! Rodriguez’s House of Stones in Tuscarawas county has been known for their award winning jewelry designs for generations. We offer a large selection of diamond engagement rings along with their matching wedding ring. We can also custom design your wedding band to match your engagement ring in a very unique way. Our credentialed staff can create something very special just for you.  Click Custom Design to see House of Stone’s creative process.

We have a large inventory of diamonds of all shapes, sizes and prices. All of our diamonds are ethically sourced and adhere to the Kimberly Process. Alan and Ian hand select every diamond from Antwerp, Belgium. Bridal diamond engagement rings don’t get any better than at the House of Stones!

We also have wonderful bridal gifts for your bridal party. We have affordable jewelry for your bridesmaids and bachelor party. We can also engrave your gifts!

We have the solution – you don’t know your loved one’s ring’s size!

We have you! You might have to be somewhat crafty to grab a love one’s ring and bring it to us to determine the right finger size. That can be difficult! Maybe you’re so excited that you want to propose with a beautiful diamond you have greatly chosen and want to select the engagement ring setting later, together. We can set your chosen diamond in our House of Stones signature setting. After you propose, bring your loved one to Rodriguez’s House of Stones to choose a setting they will love and to make sure the size is just perfect.  If you know your partner will want to participate in the engagement ring setting before or after proposing, we can even have sparkling wine on hand – just let us know you’re coming in! Experience why we have been working with generations of people in love! We’d like to show you more about our Custom Designs.

When you know you have found the love of your life, your next step is to visit a jeweler you trust.  Alan Rodriguez has been in the jewelry industry for over 35 years, and has earned his Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America and his Certified Gemologist Appraiser from the American Gem Society.  He has served as President of the Ohio Jewelers Association and Past member of Board of Directors of Jewelers of America. Rodriguez’s House of Stones has the very best in bridal jewelry.

Rodriguez’s House of Stones has an extensive selection of engagement rings from many designers, or let us create a unique, one of a kind engagement ring that perfectly expresses your love!  We are known nationally for our custom designed jewelry, especially our engagement rings and wedding bands.  We have a large inventory of loose diamonds hand selected by Alan in Belgium, and mountings in gold and platinum.  We are also able to set a family diamond into a special designed mounting. Our knowledgeable and talented staff will help you create the engagement ring that will amaze her!

When you have found the true love of your life, your engagement ring will symbolize the love and commitment you have.  Located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, The House of Stones in Tuscarawas County is known for their unique custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands.  When it’s just too important to trust anyone else….


Engagement Rings at the House of Stones

When it's just too important to trust anyone else
The Diamond Engagement Rings on the right represent some of the Solitaire Engagement Rings we have and design at Rodriguez’s House of Stones.  Their classic style is timeless. We love to create unique custom designs and our inventory changes on a daily basis.
The Engagement Ring Settings on the left have Rose Gold accents that set these rings apart.  They are stylish and contemporary.  They represent some of the newer styles of settings at the House of Stones
Pictured are some of our beautiful halo design engagement rings.  Halos can be square or round, big or small. Halo designed rings are some of the most popular on the market today and are sure to impress your loved one!

You’ve found the love of your life and proposed with a beautiful engagement ring. Now, it’s your turn to select your wedding ring that will reflect your personal style and taste. Rodriguez’s House of Stones has you covered!

Watch the video at left to see the endless possibilities of designing a unique men’s wedding ring. Our experienced, credentialed staff can have you try on styles and sizes and describe the metals and materials. We will help you create a wedding band that you will love wearing!

When it’s just too important to trust anyone else…